Tiny Hamptons LLC

Big design in a tiny package!

Tiny Hamptons is excited to bring our "Tiny Hamptons Shells" to all of you DIY enthusiasts! After many inquiries about offering shells we've decided to offer two options.

Option 1 - includes a custom built tiny house trailer, floor insulation, subfloor, 2x4 framing, wrapped. 

20ft- $13k
24ft- $15k
28ft- $18k
(Additional trailer sizes available)

Option 2 - includes all that is included in option 1 with the addition of windows, and metal roofing.

20ft- $20k
24ft- $24k
28ft- $28k
(Additional trailer sizes available)

If you would like to talk about other Tiny Home Shell options or more complete packages, go to our "Contact" page.

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